Body Piercer

Miss Veronica’xRonix, 30 years old Polish transexual, vegan, straight edge, into makeup, rollerblading, anime, alternative fashion/ lifestyle. Involved in the body modification world since her teens. Her look might be extreme to some, as she had subdermal horn implants, and her eyeballs tattooed by herself, but her professionalism and kind being will prove to You that You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Veronica can perform standard piercings, genitals, microdermals and pretty much everything else. Very open and fully understanding, she has over 11 years experience in body piercing, also attends body piercing conferences to still improve her skills, always holding hand on the pulse to know all of the news from the piercing world. “I moved out from Poland because it was boring, and a lack of vegan sweets! it’s not that Poland is a completely unfriendly place for modified queers 😉

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