Body Piercer / Head of Body Piercing Department

Raphael has been piercing from the early teenage hood, she was in love at first sight when she saw a nose piercing the first time! She has been learning to pierce and progressing technically ever since; these days, she is still striving to better her work and do more amazing piercings! She speaks fluent English, some French and a bit of Spanish. She is a key part of the Extreme Needle Team, leading the piercing department with passion. She is based in our studio as a Resident Body Piercer. Although Raphael is specialised in Genital Piercings, she is more than capable of doing any type of piercings, including micro dermal anchors & surface piercings. She is very devoted to body modification, and rituals, and feels inspired by tribal cultures. (She wishes to modify her whole body). Furthermore, Raph has a very creative personality, her disciplines include music, video, painting, and photography; ultimately wishing to promote Alternative Cultures & Creative Energies.

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