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Blackwork Tattoo Artist

I’m a professional tattooer, living in London at the moment. I’ve been falling in love and diving into this world since I got my first machine in 2012. Before then, I was into the mural-graffiti scene, which gave me the biggest influence and impact on my teenage years. Murals art taught me a lot, from drawing skills to proportion, knowledge and approach that helped me a lot when I start tattooing.
Since I started I had different kinds of stylistic phases, from tribalism to oriental art, from graphics to cartoons, as well music gave me a huge influence on my works. All this brought me here on a more abstract approach; A mixture of illustrations and brushstrokes. These are typologies of works that I like most at the moment, but I’m still open to mutating and getting to know new skills.
As they say, never stop learning.

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36 St Martins Court, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4AL

 Phone: +44 020 72406177

 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 12:30 PM – 8 PM